Aleppo Syrian rebels announced a new agreement, the government denies

Public Date:-2016-12-15 - Chhitiz Bhandari

India-Syrian rebels out of civilian and wounded people of Aleppo announced a new agreement, while a source close to the Syrian government denied any such agreement. is. After shelling and air strikes in Aleppo city, the residents are forced to flee in fear on the streets.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said, after the end of an earlier agreement, continue to struggle. Under the initial plan, thousands of civilians and rebel fighters Wednesday (14) morning, the Syrian city of Aleppo, were supposed to evacuate. In Syria for more than five years standing has suffered very badly in the fighting in Aleppo city.

Aleppo, leaving before dawn to gather the people are hungry and cold to civilian Titurte been dashed. East from Aleppo activist Mohammed al-Khatib, said the bombing continues, this can not be hidden somewhere and everybody is scared.

The wounded and dead bodies lying on the streets. In a single body would not dare remove. “Nureddin al-extremist organization whose officials and radical rebel group Ahrar al-evening confirmed that a new agreement on Wednesday after violence ceasefire came into effect. Nureddin, a political official, Yasser Al-Yousuf said after talks between Russian and Turkish Red Crescent in Aleppo, a cease-fire came into effect.

“Joseph said,” The first group of civilian and injured people Thursday ( December 15) will leave the city in the early hours. “he added that the rebels had been an agreement, but the Syrian government denied reports that a source close to the deal. The source said, “There is no compromise, no negotiation is not running.”

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