Rs 1750 Nokia will bring the phone, on a single charge can last a month in standby mode, the remaining features Know.

Public Date:-2016-12-15 - Chhitiz Bhandari

Finland-Finnish company Nokia Acmdi brand new feature phone market is going to take off. The company announced that 26 US dollars (Rs 1755 crore) will launch the Nokia 150 phone.

The phone will have features such as FM radio and MP3 player. The two models will be launched in the market. Single SIM and dual SIM phone will support a second. These 2.4-inch screen, FM radio, MP3 Flair, 22 hours of talk time will the battery. At the same time if the phone is kept standby mode on a single charge can last up to a month. The LED will also Torclait and Bluetooth 3.0. Both handsets will already classic snack Senjia game. These handsets will be available in white and black.

These sales will start in the first quarter of 2017. Initially, it is being launched in Europe and Asia. It costs US $ 26, is laid. It is no tax. Please tell, in May 2016. Nokia brand phones and tablets to sell the license for ten years was Acmdi.

At that time, the company had said that Nokia’s business to raise it in three years, will invest US $ 500 million. With nearly two decades in the market feature phones from Nokia bear. Please tell, in September, Microsoft had launched Nokia 216 Dual SIM. The company had set a price of Rs 2495. The Nokia 216 has a 2.4 inch QVGA display, which is 240 × 320 resolution. Nokia’s Series 30+ operating system. The phone number 2,000 can be preserved, as well as a 32 GB memory card is usable. The phone’s VGA camera (0.3 megapixels) is given both in the front and rear of the phone has Flash. 1020 mAh battery to power the handset exists. About 18 hours of talk time and 19 days standby time is claimed to have. The company said in a statement that the phone has two camera with LED flash. The Internet can also be used. In addition, the phone also has FM radio, MP3 and video player. Bluetooth headset can also be used.

The company calls it black, gray and blue is launched. Its dimensions are 118.0 x 50.02 x 13.5 mm and weighing 83 grams. Microsoft is also offering customers the game. Apps and games from the Game Store can install Opera. Nokia 216 Dual SIM feature phones may be Microsoft’s last.

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